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Best Water Activities and Adventures in Bali

"Are You Ready for Great Water Adventures in Bali Island?" 

1. Bali River Rafting
Bali Canyon River Rafting in Ayung River Bali
There are 2 rivers for best river rafting activity in Bali

Ayung White Water River Rafting Ubud Bali
The White Water Ayung River is the biggest and longest river in Bali Island. The Ayung River is class II and may rise to class IV during rainy season. For approximately 2 hours you will have the highest enjoyment of rafting and as well experience an unrivalled way to appreciate the natural scenery, wildlife, and exotic plants of Bali.

Telaga Waja River Rafting at Karangasem Bali
The Telaga waja river has a beautiful rice terrace, tropical forest, water falls and wild birds. If you lucky, you can see monkeys , When it comes to adrenaline rush, we are the expert. Our adventure begins with a 5 minutes walk through aluscious village. Here you can already intimate your self with the pure nature of jungle and lovely terrace rice field. papling through the breeze water fall and plunge meters drop from the bajing Dam into the charming white water.Our starting point begins at Telaga Waja River. Here, you can intimate yourself with the pure nature of Bali jungle and lovely terrace ricefield.

2. Bali Marine Walk or Bali SeaWalker
Bali Marine Walk or Bali SeaWalker 
Bali Marine Walk or Bali Seawalker using an open-ended helmet that allows the wearer to stay underwater by just putting it ober head. The helmet is connected to the scuba thanks by air hose that supplies it with air. The interior of the helmet is designet with a defogging mechanism that prevents the front window from fogginh. The helmet is also fitted with a vent which continously exhausts unneeded air from the helmet. Since the bent is located at the back, there is no air valve to obstruct the guest's view. 

Guest wearing helmet descend a ladder to the ocean or aquarium flor where they can walk and experience the underwater world. Guest remain underwater for 15 minutes. The time was determined as the safest length of time for guests who have never been underwater before.

3. Bali Canyon Tubing
Awesome Water Activities in Bali | Canyon Tubing Bali Located at Payangan, Gianyar Bali

The only adventure that brings you so close to the unspoiled nature of Bali! Drift down the exciting Side Stream in Payangan area in your own Inflatable and discover so many different species of plants and animals. A big change that you spot a group of monkeys playing in the surrounding forests or see some rare species of birds. You will be amazed how many different kinds of plants and flowers grow down the canyon. The Company's of this water adventures made access to a hidden canyon in the north of Payangan, through which a crystal clear stream flows. It’s one of the few forgotten places in Central of Bali island, where you still can find untouched flora and fauna. Now you are able to experience this tremendous adventure by floating down the canyon. 

After arriving in starting point, the canyon tubing's professional guides will give you detailed safety instructions for tubing and flying fox activies. From there, the special Off Road car will transport you to the slope of the Canyon, and after a short descend into the Canyon, your great adventure begins! At some places, the small but active river makes it too difficult for you to stay in your own tube. There we made constructions called Flying Fox, that will enable you to actually fly through the canyon. For those who find these flying experiences too exciting we simultaneously constructed wooden footpaths pass the obstacles. So whether you come with your friends or your family, everybody will enjoy this great water adventure in Bali island. All our equipment meets EEC standard. 

4. Tropical Bali Water Sports
There Many Awesome Water Sport Activities in Bali Island

Banana Boat Water Sports Bali 
Parasailing Water Sports Bali
Jetski Water Sports Bali
Wake Board Tanjung Benoa Bali
Flying Fish Boat Tanjung Benoa Bali

Tubing Donut Water Sports Tanjung Benoa Bali
Bali Best Diving Spot at Menjangan, Tulamben & Menjangan
Reef Snorkeling Bali

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